Tokyo v2: Ratch

After Hakone, we made it back to Tokyo for our last day in Japan before heading to the US the next morning. Here, we stayed in a hotel (accommodation style #5) in the heart of Shinjuku!

We went to Harajuku and visited a bunch of really cute clothing stores. We also had these very special Japanese crepes. There are entire desserts IN the desserts!


After our shopping adventure, we decided we needed to have one proper “night” before leaving which of course included karaoke. We got dressed up and went to Roppongi (a second time for me). Apparently, Roppongi on a Saturday night is a crazy stampede of human beings. We were constantly getting stopped by club owners, groups of guys, or restaurant owners. I am pretty sure we were coerced into exchanging Instagram information with some people along the way. Aparna and I even lost each other at some point and it was the most terrifying 5 minutes of both of our lives. We found an underground karaoke place that seemed to have just opened up and they were looking for business. We thought the owners were so cute that we went in and stayed there to karaoke for two hours. I think the place was called ‘Gold bar’-something, so you should check it out next time you’re in Roppongi (I hope it becomes big!).

After that, we fought through throngs of people and made it to a club we had heard about. Once there, we chilled for a bit and met this really sweet waitress named Mariko on the dance floor. Turns out she had moved to Tokyo from the Philippines and had now made her life there. After chilling for a while more, a group of Japanese guys and one girl started talking to us. One of the guys was named Shou who sat next to Aparna and the other Yuki who sat next to me. Aparna and Shou were having a conversation for which I had to translate between both of them for a good portion of it (since as Aparna described it, he was “exploding Japanese at [her]”) while also maintaining my own conversation with Yuki. By the end of the night, we had all connected digitally either by sharing phone numbers or by following each other on Instagram (apparently we are now just Instagram friends with random people from our trip). Definitely a very random but fun encounter for our last night in Japan. 😀


The Aftermath: The next morning, we both had to wake up ridiculously early which was difficult since we were out pretty late last night and Narita Airport was hella tooi (far). I was so sad to stop speaking Japanese anymore. At the airport, I made it a point to ask for help in Japanese just to squeeze my last opportunities dry. Once I reached the US, it legitimately felt weird knowing that I could speak English and didn’t have to plan out my Japanese sentences anymore. I’m guessing this is what happens after spending two entire weeks in a foreign country. Now, onto Japan round 2! 🙂

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