The eternal search for Yogurthie

A common theme throughout the second half of the trip was Aparna’s eternal search for Yogurthie. On our first day in Kyoto with all 3 of us, we found a vending machine inside the Yasaka Shrine in Gion. We all had a refreshing drink that said “Yogurthie” on it, probably implying a yogurt smoothie.

Following that amazing day of yogurthie, every time we saw a vending machine we would check and see if there was yogurthie. But, alas there never was. Aparna was notably disappointed at this. Soon after the initial stages of mutual disappointment, every time I would see a vending machine, I would yell “Yogurthie!” and Aparna would jerk her head towards the vending machine (think the dog from “Up”-style). But we never saw the yogurthie again and it was sad.

Apparently we are not the only ones: though:

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